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Hi All,

Apparently pokemon go has blocked a few IP addresses on cricket wireless' network, but through trial and error people have found that the addresses that start with "216" are okay, and the game logs in just fine (I can confirm this). At the moment ,the solution to this is to open, check your IP, and if it's wrong, go into flight mode, then back out, thereby resetting your IP so you can try the website again.

What i'm wanting is a flow that when wifi disconnects (or is turned off) waits 30 seconds, then checks your IP, and if it doesn't start with 216, turns on airplane mode, then in 5 seconds turns it off again. Basically a flow of "Are we connected to the good ip? .... Nope, reset the service by toggling airplane mode" which would check again after the reset, and stop when it finds the right IP, which could take several tries

Please help

I didn't find the right solution from the internet.

References: ... f=5&t=6212
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