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Peru captain Paolo Guerrero was cleared to play at next month's World Cup after a Swiss court on Thursday maxbet agreed to temporarily lift his doping suspension while it considered his appeal against a 14-month ban. In the latest twist to a long-running saga which has kept the Andean nation on tenterhooks, the Swiss Federal Tribunal acknowledged that it would be harsh for Guerrero to miss what is likely to be his only chance to play at the tournament. The President of the court took into account the setbacks of all types that the appellant, already aged 34, would suffer if (he) was prevented from  maxbetparticipating in a competition that will be the culmination of his career as a footballer," it said in a statement. It also recognised that Guerrero, who tested positive for a cocaine byproduct -- contained in a tea he drank -- in October, "did not act intentionally or with significant negligence." The court, the last course of appeal in the sporting judicial system, said it would consider the merits of the appeal itself once it had the full reasoned decision from the Court of Arbitration for Sport (CAS) which imposed the ban earlier this month. Guerrero, who will almost certainly not have had another chance to play at the World Cup even if Peru qualified again, is now free to lead his country in their first appearance at the tournament for 36 years. They face France, Australia and Denmark in Group C at the finals which start on June 14. maxbet

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